About Us

Sunshine Properties Group

The Sunshine Properties Group of Companies maintains offices in 7 countries with the purpose of investment into real estates by acquiring, designating and developing suitable projects for the purpose of renting, leasing or selling to other investors.

Sunshine Properties Group is in Joint Venture with one of the most prominent Engineering Design Houses in Egypt and has been very active in the Middle East, Africa & Asia.

Our projects deal with residential flats & houses (middle & upper income brackets), small tourist motels (self-catering) and office buildings.
But yet, we also specialize in the acquisition and resale of real estate particularly in top class properties in the Seychelles and around the world.

Considering the great tourism attraction in the Seychelles, it is also natural that the Sunshine Properties Group owns several subsidiary companies engaged in tourist servicing activities. These include cars and boats hire, accommodations and villa rentals on the Seychelles Islands of Mahe & Praslin, the Sunshine Properties Group owns various Estates including sea and beachfront properties; several hilltop properties with breathtaking panoramic view overlooking the Indian Ocean bays and adjacent islands.

With more than 25 years in the real estate industry, we have handpicked the most exotic properties and redefined them to the next level. Our properties are distributed around the world. Sunshine Properties Group has a variety of properties ranging from flats and offices to hotels, villas and super condominiums.