Property By Country

List of properties by country. We have a collection of super condominiums, villas, offices and hotels to let and sell.  All the properties are managed by SSPL and partners. Interested individual can either book for a night stay or purchase your luxury vacation houses.



Austria is a country with a zest for life. The calender is full of world class festivals and every day is a celebration, whether at a Viennese coffee house or up in the Tirolean Alps. The real estate market experiences an impressive boom, sustained by the top-quality of its historical and contemporary architecture.



With sand-covered treasures, austere pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples, Egypt brings out the explorer in all of us. Egypt’s Alexandria, the city that was founded by none other than Alexander the Great and once the seat of Queen Cleopatra, is the stuff that legends are made of.



Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures. Living in Malaysia is always sunny and the people are very kind and helpful. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a hot place for real estate: home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts and the iconic, 451 metre-tall Petronas Twin Towers.



We have a special collection of real estate values, located in the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Among white-sand beaches and coral-coloured sunsets, you can discover our villas and condos, like in a dreamlike setting. If you are seeking a glamorous tropical getaway, you must have the Seychelles at the top of your wish list.



Singapore has been described as the playground for contemporary luxury and elegance. It’s high-end shopping malls, glamour hotels and fine dining are world-famous. The vibrant historical and ethnic quarters, along with the lovely public spaces, add diversity to this futuristic city.



The ‘pearl of Africa’ is home to the continent’s largest lake and highest mountain. It’s capital, Kampala, offers travellers and investors a dynamic place, who are streaming in to explore what is basically the best of everything the continent has to offer.



Ukraine and it’s capital, Kiev, has a long glorious history and a young contemporary face. Kiev surprises the real-estate specialist with its both charming and intensely eclectic architecture. But its main asset lies in its residents – a merry, tongue-in-cheek and perfectly bilingual people.