Botanica Residence, Mahé

Botanica – where the ocean and the mountain meet in a tropical paradise. Are you looking for a secluded island with an exciting lifestyle?

Are you dreaming of spectacular ocean views and a romantic atmosphere? Are you looking for the comforts of modern living in a Garden of Eden?

Have a look at what we are building wholeheartedly and passionately. Situated in the Indian Ocean, just northeast of Madagascar, the Seychelles archipelago is home to not only breathtaking landscapes and fascinating species of flora and fauna, but also the new Botanica Private Estate. A ten minutes’ drive from Victoria – the capital – Botanica Estate is a spectacular paradise retreat equipped with all the amenities, comfort and security of modern living. The architecture of its exclusive modern villas incorporates a unique spatial concept that offers both privacy and full access to a tropical paradise. With its unique panoramic views of the ocean and its proximity to nature and urban amenities, Botanica Estates offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience a spectacular island getaway.

Botanica Pty Limited: selling the company with all its licenses (planning permits; usage approvals; customs & tax exemption under the TIA law which has now been cancelled except for the previously issued) including 76,000 m² of prime land situated in the middle of the capital road, linking it with the main beach Beau Vallon; the restored Creole Historical House (management & restaurant); built-up stores and a completed residential house (5 en-suite bedrooms on 2 stories, surrounded by colonial balconies) on a property of 18 acres.

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