Botanica Estate, Mahé

Botanica – where the ocean and the mountain meet in a tropical paradise. Are you looking for a secluded island with an exciting lifestyle?

Are you dreaming of spectacular ocean views and a romantic atmosphere? Are you looking for the comforts of modern living in a Garden of Eden?

A ten minutes drive from Victoria, the capital, Botanica Estate is a spectacular paradise retreat equipped with all the amenities, comfort and security of modern living. The architecture of its exclusive modern villas incorporates a unique spatial concept that offers both privacy and full access to a tropical paradise. With its unique panoramic views of the ocean and its proximity to nature and urban amenities, Botanica Estates offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience a spectacular island getaway.

Botanica Pty Limited: selling the company with all its licenses (planning permits; usage approvals; customs & tax exemption under the TIA law which has now been cancelled except for the previously issued) including 92,000 m² of prime land situated in the middle of the capital road, linking it with the main beach Beau Vallon; the restored Creole Historical House (management & restaurant); built-up stores and a completed residential house (5 en-suite bedrooms on 2 stories, surrounded by colonial balconies) on a property of 18 acres.

The project encompasses 92 4- and 8-bedroom villas—all with their own swimming pool—50 terraced and staggered 3-bedroom houses, and one hotel.

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