Buziga Sunshine Hotel

This hotel project is already realised and will be finalized in all details in spring 2020.
It is located in the residential area of Buziga, which lies on the second highest hill of Kampala, Uganda, with a wonderful view on the lake Victoria, which is just a stone’s throw away.

Clicking on the slider you can see various views from inside and outside of this building.

The compact building offers several pleasant surprises to the visitor:

  • The modern, prismatic bay windows protruding from the facade offer unhindered views on the surrounding landscape, with a levitating feeling.
  • The building’s core is an impressive 5-storey-high lobby, that brings filtered light into the center of the building and suprises the visitor. Each floor surrounds this central lobby with balconies, looking down on a green garden in the center of the ground floor.
  • The rooftop terrace offers a spectacular view on Kampala and the lake. It is conceived as a suspended garden, with a perogla spending shade to a rooftop café and relaxing area.

Available for sale.

Price:  $ 15 milion

Basic information

  • Total Square feet / m²
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  • rooftop terrace

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Available for sale.

Price: $ 15 milion