Pointe Capris, Baie Ste Anne, Praslin

The project proposed on the plot of land now referred to as PR121 is located in the Baie Ste Anne district on Praslin. The parcel can be easily accessed through the consolation road from the Baie Ste Anne Jetty. The parcel has an area of approx. 39,902 square metres.

The project aims to provide an ecologically-sound 24 room tourism establishment of mainly self-catering units and other supporting facilities such as concierge, restaurant and back-office house. The project is also aimed at upholding the traditional Creole architectural styles in terms of design and materials to be used. Most structures will be built on pillars so as to minimize the any major impacts to the existing topography of the site.

Project components

  • 14 one-bedroom self-catering houses (14 bedrooms), 85 square metres each
  • 5 two-bedroom self-catering houses (10 bedrooms), 130 square metres each
  • Security kiosk (9 square metres)
  • Parking (26 Bays)
  • Concierge (80 square metres)
  • Backup generator (to further details as per PUC norms)
  • Back of house (303.4 square metres)
  • Restaurant/bar (272.71 square metres)
  • Swimming pool (120 square metres)
  • Decking (180 square metres)
  • Spa (80 square metres)
  • Ocean deck (1.2 metres wide)

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